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Decluttering Victory!

I got my bedroom mostly done! See Pictures!

“I don’t think…”

I saw someone type in a chat “my messages aren’t working, it doesn’t seem”… and I hear people say, “It isn’t working, I don’t think” and things similar. I hear myself say “I don’t think…” too often.

Now, really. When I’m saying something like that, I’m saying what I DO think, not what I DON’T think. It would be more accurate, instead of saying, “He’s not there, I don’t think,” to say, “I think he isn’t there.” Because I DO think he ISN’T there… y’know? In the first example, it would have been more accurate for him to say, “It seems my messages aren’t working.” It DID seem that way… not it didn’t!

Thus ends my grammar pet-peeve for the day.

Weird dream…

I dreamed we were at this Bible school thing of some kind. There was a big dormitory building that had a big multi-unit bathroom and several dorm rooms for two people each. I was in a room directly across from the bathroom.
At one point, I was in the bathroom and it was flooded and the bottom of my skirt got wet, so I went back to my room to change. I was having trouble finding a skirt. It seemed that this was something we attended every year, because I had quite a few clothes there, some stored in a box on top of the closet. In looking through that box, I found a skirt that miraculously exactly-matched the patterned blouse I was wearing (see graphic at left for a close approximation of the pattern).
At another point, I was eating with my mom and my brother and I bit down and felt something hard in my mouth. When I removed it, it was the caps off the two teeth I just had worked on (except it was HUGE and probably wouldn’t *REALLY* have fit in my mouth)

…. and those teeth are aching this morning, so maybe I was biting down in my sleep or something? I dunno.

Weird dream…

I dreamed this morning that I was in some large restaurant/advertising place, and next to me on the wall/table/divider was a bottle marked “Scrumptious Reagent” (if you don’t get the reference, see Kingdom of Loathing) and I asked the guy who worked there how much it was, and he said there were 20 servings in it, and the whole bottle would be $20, so $1 per serving/cup. (It wasn’t a huge bottle, so apparently – I assumed – it foamed or something to fill the cup.) LOL!

Went to the dentist this morning

and had one temporary filling, one permanent filling, and one partial root canal. Ugh.

After that, Robby was going to change out the oil pump on the 15-passenger van, but was unable to get to it (he’d have to drop the transmission)… so that will have to wait until we can afford to do it. Bummer.


We cleaned out our white minivan thoroughly, to take it over to Decatur to get a new engine put in. We drove both vehicles to Huntsville, where the blue 15-passenger van’s oil pump gave up. We pulled into a Taco Bell parking lot, and had a snack while waiting for my mom-in-law (on her birthday, no less!) to come up and drive with us the rest of the way to Decatur and then bring us back home. The blue van is now at my inlaws’ house, where Robby had it towed, and he is in the process of trying to get the parts and such to fix it. So while we are currently carless, theoretically by the end of next week we should have one working blue van and one practically brand-new white minivan.

In the meantime, I really SHOULD work more in my bedroom… sigh.


I think it’s time to henna my hair again; it’s starting to have a little bit of non-red-coated root showing.

We have thus far been unable to find a house in our price range that isn’t either falling down on itself or un-re-sellable.

I did have the thought that – if we are forced to stay here too long – our bedroom has two doors and could, theoretically, be split into two teeny bedrooms… there wouldn’t be any “living” space, but mostly the bedrooms are used for sleeping anyway… probably not really feasible, but it was a thought.

If you look through any of my back entries and find missing pictures, it’s because I had to clean up my ISP webspace and deleted pretty much anything. If you let me know what’s missing, I can probably put it back.

Robby & I watched “Groundhog Day” again the other night. It’s a great movie!

I’m looking forward to seeing the season finale of Monk tomorrow night.

Guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading.


So, we are not moving; we’re still looking; only God knows when/if we’ll get something larger.

Meanwhile, things are going along as normal. We’re planning a big camping trip, which should be fun.

Not much to say this morning. Maybe later.

More musings.

We spent all day long driving around town (5 hours), looking for houses for sale.

We have asked, but not yet received… sought, but not yet found… knocked, but the door has not yet been opened unto us.


Interesting development…

The little house I mentioned last night was a For Sale By Owner. This morning she called and said she changed her mind about selling. I cannot describe the relief I felt at that statement! Sometimes, I like things being taken out of my hands, as it were… so we are still looking.

Robby remembered this morning about someone who keeps telling us he’ll sell us his house… he’s going to look into that, I think.


I can’t help but wonder why? Why did God allow us to look at – and fall in love with – a dwellingplace that appeared to be perfect for us… one that had things arranged in a way that we liked and would enjoy… and then YANK it out from under us? Was it to teach us to be content … somehow? Then to lead us – apparently – to a different house that, while it is not a ‘manufactured home’ and thus ‘worth more’ in this area, is only barely larger than what we’re in, and while we could work with it with the hope of adding on at some point… it just doesn’t compare at ALL to the first one.


We’re not getting the doublewide.

Nobody will do an appraisal, so we can’t get a 100% loan, and we can’t afford a downpayment.

Such is life.

The other night,

when Nate thought I was sleeping, he laid down next to me and said,
“Dear God, Please help my toe feel better, and…” some other things I can’t remember now, and “help us get that new house. In Jesus Name, Amen.”
It was so sweet!

I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning. I was hoping for a filling but ended up with an extraction. Ugh. It still doesn’t hurt as bad as the tooth was hurting, though. Even though the crown crumbled and he had to DIG out the root. Yuck.

We spent most of the day in Fayetteville, TN, where the younger 3 kids and I walked miles all over town while Robert & Bob worked at a customer’s. Can’t say I didn’t get my exercise!

Today’s our anniversary!

13 years ago today, Robert & I were joined in Holy Matrimony. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, and yet it seems like it’s been forever.

What a day I had today :)

My friends’ son had his seventh birthday today. It was great fun! We went to their mom’s house for hamburgers, hot dogs, cake & ice cream, and the kids broke a piata, and he opened presents, and it was so much fun 🙂

Also there was my friend’s sister, who is foster parent to a sweet little baby girl, who I monopolized!

Things are currently stalled.

We’re waiting, waiting, waiting. Need the appraisal – waiting. Need the seller to agree to terms – waiting. Need the loan – waiting. Need the downpayment – waiting.


We made an offer.

We THEORETICALLY will know this evening (around 6pm) whether the offer is acceptable to the seller or not.

Weird dream…

I dreamed we were moving into an apartment in a big building and the door opened on a long hill that led down to the parking lot. We had a van parked about halfway up the hill on a more-or-less flat area (although at one point it seemed like the ground for miles around the van was flat – one of those dream anomalies) … It was near my mom and I was enjoying getting to spend time with her whenever I wanted to. My friend Kim in MI was also there with some children, and we were in the van while the children played in and around it, and Robby had a couple of the children with him off somewhere (gone in a vehicle), and a sudden storm came up. We saw a boy – about 2yo – sleeping on the hill between the van and the parking lot… his name was Josiah. I also remember observing, while we were in the van with it raining sheets around us, that since it took about an hour to start raining that it would likely be overcast for an hour after it stopped…

We are approved.

We can get the loan.

I finally did it…

…I finally made a dentist appointment. I go in Monday.