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Ugh, dream!

Ugh, dream!

I dreamed I was on a trip, the whole family. We stopped at a gas station and Robby went inside, and while he was inside, I saw a man – named “Rick” – who was some kind of criminal or something and whom I apparently had been instrumental in putting behind bars at some point or something. Anyway, I turned away so he wouldn’t see/recognize me but one of the kids started talking to him, and he came over to the car. He looked at me and tried to remember why I looked familiar to him. Just as we were driving off, he remembered and came after us. After a breathless car chase, we arrived at our destination (an apartment building!?!) and went up to our apartment. We had temporarily lost him somewhere.

Across the street from the apartment building, there was a house, where a young man lived. I’m guessing he was around 20, maybe. He had a camera and wanted to take pictures of something, I can’t remember what, now. For some reason, at this point in the dream, I was… errr… unclothed. He made some sort of delighted sound as he walked in the door, and I realized my state of undress and grabbed a blanket and covered up (and stayed covered while he was there getting whatever pictures he was trying to get).

After he left, we went to a chapel or something (I was dressed again) and sitting a couple rows in front of us was a family I used to know in NY. The oldest son (who is my age) turned around and saw me, and his dad – who seemed to be being somehow controlled by Rick – came after me. I hid behind a glass partition in the office, with the partition’s door closed and locked. Someone was inside the partition with me but I don’t remember who it was. The man was trying to get through the window (one of those openings for tickets and such) but was unable to get to me.

Once he gave up, I slipped out and went to the bathroom – a large multi-stall one – and another Rick-controlled man came after me in there. I escaped him and left the building. I went back to the apartment and got my purse/keys, and we slipped out of the apartment and hid in the back yard. We watched carefully for anyone who might be a problem. When it was dark, we raced to our car and jumped in.

A little way down the road, I realized that the driver (it didn’t LOOK like Robby, but it seemed to BE him) was struggling against Rick’s control, also. I put my hand on his shoulder and kept telling him, “I love you.” over and over, trying to get past the hold Rick was trying to get on him.

He pulled up at a big office building, and I jumped out and ran in. We needed to go upstairs and the elevator seemed safe enough, so we pushed the button and when the door opened, we stepped in. When we stepped out on whatever floor we were going to, there was Rick himself. He had a plastic… something. It was tubular and hollow, and sharpened. I had a shield of some sort – a briefcase maybe? – and it kept the weapon from hitting ME but the weapon went right through the shield up to the hilt (as it were).

Suddenly, I saw someone coming up behind Rick. It was the dude from across the street from the apartment. He took Rick down, thus saving my life.

It was very very very weird.

I have a vision

I have a vision

…for my bedroom. Well, for my whole house, really. But I’m not positive it’s attainable.

In my head, my bedroom has a bed; a nightstand on my side with a light, my Bible, and whatever book I’m reading at the time and a drawer to hold my glasses, barette, notebook, and pencil/pen; a dresser with our clothes inside and nothing on top except Robby’s glasses, Bible, and pen; and a computer – maybe two: Robby’s and the TV computer. Robby’s in some sort of armoire so that it can be closed and locked – and since there would be nothing else in there, it would be a safe place to let the dc (when our friends are here) to watch cartoons.

In my head, the kids’ bedroom has either a futon or those neat-o chair/bed things which can be out of the way during the day but they can sleep on ’em at night. Their dresser for clothes, which will have a drawer for each of them on top for their special things, and that’s all.

In my head, the living room has some floor space. My computer is in here and the kids’ computers are also. There are places to sit, tray tables to be set up if needed, and everything is organized. There is no clutter.

In my head, the bookshelves hold card-catalogued (by the Dewey Decimal system) books, in order, neatly.

In my head, the kitchen is neat and tidy, clean, and organized. Things are always where they belong when not being used. Under the sink is not wet and mildewy, but neat and organized with those things we use occasionally but not often.

Sigh. It’s a much nicer place in my head.

It’s been a busy couple of days!

It’s been a busy couple of days!

Monday afternoon our friends were coming over for dinner. They stopped to pick up something at the store near us, and when they were ready to leave the store, their car died! We managed to get their car here, but it would take longer to fix it than they had daylight left, so they spent the night 🙂 It was great! We fixed up the boys’ room for them and the boys were delighted to camp out in the living room. They left today about 11pm. I sure wish they lived closer! (They live an hour away.)

Ok, so it’s been a few days!

Ok, so it’s been a few days!

We left here on Thursday morning to go to my mom’s. She lives six hours away. Well, eight when we go through Atlanta at 4pm. Only 7 if we go up over the mountain and through part of North Carolina. IF we ever managed to go through Atlanta at an off-peak time (is there such a thing in Atlanta?) it would take six hours.

ANYWAY, we left about 11am Thursday to head over there, and after spending two hours crawling through Atlanta, we finally arrived at my mom’s about 7:30pm on Thursday. We pretty much just ‘hung out’ for a bit (watched several home movies) and then went to bed.

Friday, we got up and ate breakfast then cleaned up and Dad & Robby & Bob and Nate went to the dump while Mom & Me & Rachel and Tim went to the grocery. We only needed a couple of things, and we also picked up a cake frosted like a hamburger. It was so neat, and it was delicious 🙂

Angie & her kids came over to my mom’s for lunch Friday and spent the afternoon. Then, since Mom & Dad were going to a Shania Twain concert, we followed Angie back to her house and had dinner and hung out there until about 8:15pm. They left about 9:30pm to go to New York for vacation, so we thought we’d leave ’em some time to pack and whatnot. Ken gave me an armful of books that they aren’t using to bring home with me 🙂

We went back to my mom’s and watched Game Show Network on their big-screen TV for an hour until they got home. Dad, Robby, and the kids went to bed, while my mom and I stayed up looking up her auction finds on eBay. We only found one of the things was for sure worth anything, and it wasn’t as much as we’d hoped to find. Then we played a little “Zen Bones” (mah jongg on Hoyle games) trying to beat the “Submarine” layout. I’ve GOT to get that for my computer. We finally went to bed near 3am (eek!)

Saturday we got up and ate a light breakfast, then Dad went to get Jeffrey (my stepbrother). My other stepbrother Jonathan and his girlfriend also came over for lunch. Dad got 30 Hardees “Slammers” (tiny hamburgers) and brought them back and we doctored ’em up with lettuce and tomato and stuff. Plus we had spaghetti salad and pistachio stuff and storebought potato salad and a couple other things. Yum. Jonathan and his girl (Amy) had to leave after lunch, but Jeffrey hung out for a while. He and the kids played pool and stuff. They really enjoyed their Uncle Jeffrey.

After Dad took Jeffrey home, we sat down to watch a couple videos – first we watched Mike Snider (he is HILARIOUS!) and then put in an animal video. We all fell asleep during the animal video! We played some games, wandered around the house some, and generally just “hung out” until bedtime. We went to bed a bit early so we could get up early Sunday.

Sunday we got up and packed everything up while my mom packed up for them to go see HER mom, and then we all left at the same time. We decided NOT to come back through Atlanta, and came back a northern route instead. It was a very pretty drive and lots of neat things to see. We got back in the early evening and went to bed early because we were tired.

All in all, it was a very nice trip 🙂