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Well, it’s 4am.

Well, it’s 4am.

Obviously, we won’t be getting out of here at 4am! Which is ok, I guess. Better that the driver get as much sleep as possible!! I have most of the house put back to semi-normal. I just have a little more to do in the kitchen, and then I’m giving up. If the landlord doesn’t like it (IF he even sees it), he can clean it himself!

I THINK I have all my bases covered for while we are gone. I HOPE I am not forgetting anything. Of course, SOMETHING is bound to be forgotten… it always is.

If you are reading this and you know us and need to get in touch with us for any reason, we WILL be checking our voice mail at least every other day while we’re out there.

I DO enjoy being AWAY from cell signal, tv, computer, etc, though.

Ahh, peace!

Added some Links.

Added some Links.

I decided that it was silly of me to feel a wee bit slighted about my friends not linking to my blog, when I wasn’t linking to ANYONE’s blogs… so now I am! That doesn’t mean I have any more RIGHT to feel slighted, though. Just means that I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m not linking to my friends and acquaintances.

I will say, though, that there are a couple of them whose language is not G-rated. The Moms and the Others are all G-rated… I should probably put a notation on the R-rated ones… I’ll think about doing that. Not tonight though.

My house is in chaos – we’re working toward going camping for five or six days and the car & trailer are not yet packed, so everything is here in the house. Yikes!



Time is growing short! I have SO much to do before we leave for our camping trip… and so LITTLE motivation! Ugh!

I still have to pack clothes, and sleeping bags, and finish tidying up my bedroom, and … I’m sure there’s more little bits -n- pieces that I’m not thinking of, but I can’t think.

I will be glad to get out there in the middle of nowhere, where it is peaceful!

Ok, yet another odd dream…

Ok, yet another odd dream…

I woke up suddenly (and completely) at 3:00am today at the conclusion of this dream.


The main character was an old woman named Alecia. She had trouble speaking clearly and was quite short and a bit overweight. Her main objective in life was to care for plants and animals.

The area in which she spent the most time was a clearing that contained an old barn, not excessively huge, probably 12 feet tall, and 9 feet wide.

As we were driving in a fifteen-passenger van (my mom was driving) on the road that curved around by the barn, the entire front of the barn fell off and lay there blocking the road. My mom could not drive over it, as it had nails (in pairs) sticking up at intervals all the way around the frame where it attached to the rest of the barn.

I got out of the van and, grabbing one side of the barn front, dragged it easily off to the other side of the clearing, near a big tree.

We continued to the meeting we were on our way to; which seemed to be a convention of Worth people, with Jax presiding. There were quite a few empty seats in the area where I was; there were only four others sitting near me – three in the same row (one on my left and two on my right) and one two rows up, to the left of us. Jax asked for some names to put on a list for something – I can’t remember what. He looked over at us and spoke the names of the five of us in the area where I was sitting. He wrote down the name of the one two rows ahead, paused, and said, “Now, do I try to get EVERYONE in, or do I leave some out and take a chance on hurt feelings?” to which I answered, “You can leave me out” and one on each side of me agreed “Me, too.” So he did.

When the meeting was over, I got a phone call from a caretaker that Alecia had told him that under the barn front that I had moved, she had found some dying baby (birds? I think?) that needed care.

I went to help Alecia. For the next two days, I helped her and was careful to listen carefully to her and learn and understand what she was saying. I was very glad I had, because on the 3rd day I went to help her and found her dead.


That’s when I woke up.

Grab A Book Game (courtesy of furitsu)

Grab A Book Game (courtesy of furitsu)


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

The sentence: “You will find when you switch to square foot gardening that you can’t stand to see a square empty, so you automatically replant as soon as the harvest is finished.” (Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew)

Weird dream again

Weird dream again

I dreamed I (and my family and my inlaws) was at some sort of huge place with lots of people (this seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams… I wonder if that “means” anything?). There was a man there who was “interested” in me, by the name of John McRae (No, I do not know a “John McRae” in real life, nor was he at all familiar), who called me and I told him that I was married, sorry, and went on with life.

About two days later, my dh died a sudden death. I can’t remember of what.

As I was wandering about in shock, John turned up again, at which point I told him what happened. He did NOT try to press an advantage, but just offered sympathy. He apparently had been widowed (widowered?) since I recall a child about 3yo being introduced to me; and I remember introducing him to my MIL.

All in all, a very very strange dream!!

Weird Dream!

Weird Dream!

My dream semi-parallelled life – Robby & I both have an appt at 9am today and the dc are going to his parents’ house.

I dreamed that I was getting ready to go to an appointment – but instead of living at home with my family, I was in a big room and had a roommate. My roommate was my sweet friend Faith (whom I’ve never met in person, but I love dearly!) and I was trying desperately to find something to wear that wasn’t dirty. The things were not just “worn” dirty, but filthy dirty. She hovered for a bit, trying to help me find something but she wasn’t any more successful than I was, so she finally gave up. Digging through one pile, I found a rust-colored wrap-around skirt that was very full, and it – with a little stretching – fit me, so I wore that, and then a white button-down shirt that looked very like a man’s dress shirt, but the buttons were on the proper side to be a woman’s.

I went down and got in the car with the kids. Bob & Tim got in the back seat and I was in the passenger seat. Robby got in the back next to the boys and Rachel got into the driver’s seat with Nate on her lap! I turned and looked at Robby and said, “Why are you back there??” and he looked at Rae & Nate and shrugged.

I can’t remember who drove, but when we got there, my keys were in the ignition. We dropped the dc off and I went to my appt and Robby went to his – in the car with my keys. Which didn’t register until Mara (who was there when I finished my appt) and I walked back to the hotel (I assume it was a hotel). I went around behind the desk and started looking for my keys. Filip was there doing guard duty and someone else I know but can’t remember who it was, was sweeping the floor. I started writing a note that I couldn’t get in my room because Robby had my keys. The one who was sweeping came over (walking quietly – not sneaking but it had that effect) to see what I was writing and when I noticed him, I jumped, even though I wasn’t writing anything bad or private.

Then I woke up.


Disregard this morning’s post.

Disregard this morning’s post.

A very dear friend has informed me that I’m wrong and to some degree I agree with him. Can’t really deny the “fat” part – since in medical terms my 70 extra pounds label me “obese” – but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’ll concede that one

As for the semi-invisible… what can one expect when one is a “peculiar” person? Life goes on and I have very dear friends who keep me straight, and I know I’m not invisible to THEM – or to God – and that’s what matters.