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Ugh, spring!

A poem I wrote back in 1996 sums up my day today:

I was sitting at my desk one day
Just whiling the time away
When suddenly my nose began to fill;
Then for no apparent reason
I began to be a-sneezin’
And I sneezed and sneezed –
Alas, I’m sneezing still.


Another dream :(

I dreamed we were at our friends’ house – but it was a BIG house, with an indoor swimming pool, and we were in that room and we were going to play a game of Canasta, but somehow the cards in my purse were mixed (one of the Canasta set, and one new unmarked deck) so we decided we’d better not try it. So we moved the table out of the way and decided to let the kids hop in the pool for a minute. Robby was behind me somewhere, and I was on the opposite side of the pool, watching, as the older kids sat on the side and Nate was being held by the hands by the other dad. On the count of 3, the kids all slipped into the water, including Nate, whose hands were let go. The other dad turned around to get something else from behind him, and I watched in horror as Nate went under the water and could not get back up. The sides were too high and too slippery for him to get a hold, and the other kids seemed oblivious. Robby started yelling, “GET HIM!” and I jumped in and got across as quickly as I could and grabbed Nate and lifted his head out of the water. He wasn’t breathing. I turned him over at the edge and began pounding his back, to get the water up and to get him breathing, and suddenly he started breathing again. .

The dream changed, but now I can’t remember what it was.

Yikes! What a dream!

Just woke up from an awful dream. Dreamed we went in a 15-passenger van to get a load of something (don’t remember what) and after driving down the road a quarter to a half mile, Robby asked, “Where’s Nate?”
The kids in the back just kind of shrugged. I said, “Rae, can you see if he’s on the back of the van?”
She kind of looked out the back window and shrugged again.
It was like they really didn’t care.
Then, I saw something lying in the road in the middle lane. I yelled for Robby to turn around. He continued on, like he usually does, as if waiting for “the perfect turnaround” spot. I screamed, “NOW! Turn around NOW!”
He couldn’t because there were cars coming so he stopped the van and we ran back.
It was Nate.
(—here’s where it gets WEIRD—)
We weren’t sure what to do; there wasn’t an emergency type place or vehicle nearby. Robby picked him up and he was convulsing. I stroked his head, not knowing what to do, and was crying out to God to heal my baby. Then he stopped convulsing, lay still for a moment, then curled into my arms and began PURRING. We decided to take him home, figuring he would be ok as a cat… though I knew that ok, sure we had a cat, but we lost a CHILD! But after putting him to bed, when I was telling Rae good night (at the other end of the same bed), he looked up and said, “Mama?” OH! I was SO full of joy that my baby was back!! He crawled down to the bottom of the bed, on the other side from Rae, and I cuddled him for a minute, then he began to complain about his neck hurting, and couldn’t get it to be comfortable, and then in a minute slipped back into being cat 🙁

The dream changed – I was outside, trying to get this big tree stump (which was not connected to the ground – I was picking up one side and rolling it… I don’t know where I was headed with it. It was table-like, only the four corners were actually touching the ground). As I rolled it down the road, I heard someone yelling, “Look out! The plane is going to double back!” and when I looked up there was a plane that was being blown by wind backwards. The man next to me (seemed to be a man I used to work with) & I began to run, and he yelled, “Dawn! Use the table, get under it!” I did, and moved to one side so he could get under, too, but he didn’t. From under the table, between the legs of the table, I watched the wheel of the plane go by. But I was safe.
Then I woke up and looked at the clock, which said 11:00 (and we have the alarm set for 8:00) and sat up and said, “It isn’t really 11:00, is it!” and Robby jumped up and said, “It probably is :-/” but when he came down to the living room, he saw that it was really about 6:20. Whew. So I fixed the clock in the bedroom, and came in and wrote this.

We went camping

We left Thursday, March 18 around noon. We drove to Coker Creek, TN, where we set up camp around 4:30pm (Central time). It was so peaceful! The place we usually go is out in the middle of nowhere. It is a primitive camp (though they DO now have an outhouse). We had the place to ourselves on Thursday. Thursday night it got cold, but we slept well.

Friday I couldn’t stop sneezing and spent most of the day with a runny nose and sinusy stuff. Yuck. I felt like I had enough about 6pm and took a Sudafed. It didn’t help. However, it seemed to react with something else I’d had and made me totally ditzy. I walked up to the outhouse, and when I came back, I noticed the frogs were making a peeping sound, more than a croaking sound. As I settled back in my chair, I told my husband, “There sure are a lot of peeping turtles around here!”
He looked at me, and after a very short pause, he said, “Peeping turtles?”
I nodded. “Yes, peeping. They aren’t croaking, they’re peeping.”
He paused a second longer. “Peeping turtles?”
At this point it sunk in what I’d been SAYING. My MIND was thinking frogs, but my MOUTH was saying turtles! I giggled. “No! Frogs! Peeping frogs!”

We retired to the tent about 7:30. We intended to play a game (Thursday night we played Lord of the Rings Monopoly), but Robby was tired and I was still ditzy. One of the kids said something, and Robby brought up the peeping turtles again, and I laughed so hard I cried. I think perhaps hormones may have also been in play, as twice as I was laughing, I found I WAS crying – sobbing, and weeping – though I stopped myself as soon as I realized it … but it wasn’t easy because I felt VERY out of control.

Friday night the wind was intense. About midnight, it tore down two of the six points that were holding up our upper tarp (in case of rain, since tents are not very water resistant), and when Robby got up to fix them, he left the tent unzipped. The wind was a very warm wind at that point. He got those two fixed, and another got torn down. By the time we gave up at 2am (when the wind began to become biting cold again), we had redone five of the six points.

By morning, the tarp was hanging by one point, and about four feet of one edge were torn off, as well as two of the eyes. That tarp will now become our floor tarp, and we will retire the one we’ve been using for a floor.

We woke off and on over the next five hours, with huge gusts of wind. I believe some were as much as 70-80 miles per hour. We could hear them coming for nearly a full minute before they reached us each time, rushing through the trees.

Robby suggested around 5:30 that we should go ahead and get up and pack up. I was very tired and requested that we wait a couple hours.

At 6, after wandering through radio stations trying to find a weather report, Robby heard a transmission from Chattanooga (which was to the west of us) that they were having rain. He knew that if they were having rain, WE would be having rain before long. He got us all up and we packed up. About halfway through, it began sprinkling. Praise God, HE kept it from pouring on us. We only got a little damp.

We were on the road by 7am.

We stopped briefly in Chattanooga at our friends the Brunners’ house. I had to drop off a power supply for a computer part we’d given him. We talked for a little bit and then headed on home.

We arrived home about 11:30am and after unloading only the essentials, we had a shower and a nap. Feeling much refreshed, we had company this evening. (My friend Mara has ventured into her own business… feel free to check it out!).

And now, it’s nearly midnight and I must be off to bed. Good night!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

To all my fellow Irish – Happy St Pat’s!

I should also mention that my leg problem appears to have resolved itself, for which I am grateful.

Still hurting

but I think I have a (self) diagnosis. It appears to fit the description HERE. A dear friend suggested it could be from sitting at the computer too much. My dh says the “obesity” part is probably a lot of the problem (I agree with both).


Those who know me might remember back in the summer, I had a few weeks when my right thigh was numb. Well, that same area now HURTS, starting this morning. I don’t know why. My 4yo son got on my lap at church this morning and it was painful 🙁

Hopefully this will be shorter-lived than the numbness…

‘nother dream

Dreamed I was in a place with a bunch of pews (but it wasn’t a church)… friend of mine was lying down on one of ’em. I was standing there and someone threw something at me, it got in my ear. I leaned over to let it fall out, turned out to be a BB… and there were several of ’em in there, they kept coming out. There were some in the other ear, too. I was not happy with the person who threw ’em.

Dream, again

We were having to move out of a huge 3-story house. There was another person moving out, too. We were going to drop their stuff at their house on the way to our place. It seems the huge house was a temporary dwelling of some sort.

It appeared to be near a campground. A Christian camp. There were services twice a day all week. On Friday (which this appeared to be), I realized I hadn’t been to a single service all week!

I went into a back room where there were vendors and stuff, and there, in the corner, were some LOTR people and people were chatting with them and it was all very casual. I borrowed a piece of paper from a friend nearby and went over to them. One of them was Billy Boyd (Pippin) and I set the piece of paper up in front of him and, looking at him pleadingly, asked, “Please?” He kind of laughed at me and took the paper and started writing, asking my name and commenting on it, and I mentioned that my maiden name had been O’Shaughnessy, and he thought that was neat that I had a name from ‘the island’ (England/Ireland/Scotland). When I looked at the paper, I noticed that while he had written, he hadn’t SIGNED it, so I brought that to his attention and he gave me three or four other expensive (to me, not him – $20 and $35 items) gifts and signed one of them. One of the things he gave me was a foil tiara (he made himself) that I proudly wore into the service… where people were kind of laughing at me about it. But I didn’t care.

I was looking for someone I knew to sit with but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. The auditorium was divided into four or five sections, with a speaker in each section.

Then I woke up.