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Dreams again

1. My brother and I were living at home again (but it wasn’t any house I remember us ever living in) in our 20s, and being forced to go to school. After 4 days of it, I was lying in bed getting ready to set the clock for the morning and said out loud to myself, “I do NOT want to go to school tomorrow! I shouldn’t HAVE to, since I’ve already gradu—HEY! I have a diploma!” at which I got out of bed and went and told my mom & brother, who then remembered also us having diplomas. My brother found his immediately, but even after hours of searching through boxes I couldn’t find mine anywhere.

2. We were at a huge hotel. My whole family was there, plus my mom in a room a couple floors up, and my dad in another room on the floor I was on. We had tables where we had stuff set up (no clue what the stuff was on mine. I think my dad’s was computer related and my mom’s was sewing/craft stuff).
The elevator was really neat – it had two parts, one was hand-operated and the other was automatic. The partition was clear. At one point Nate was in the automatic one, going down, and I was in the hand-operated one staying with him all the way down. It was about 20 floors LOL!
Another time I was listening outside the door to a conference room and I don’t remember now what they were saying but I think it was influenced by the TV (my dh was watching the news this morning).
Another time I was sitting at my table and saw that my mom had dropped off two of the dolls she used to make (double sided), and when I looked down the hall, my dad had one, too. When I went down to talk to him, he looked sad and said, “I wish she’d come by when I was here and talked a minute instead of just dropping them and running.”

Weird dream this morning..

I dreamed I was at a camp of some kind, and a bunch of us went to this one family’s house. It was a HUGE house, with some interesting accessories (one staircase, for instance, with a push of a button became a slide… and there was a button on the bottom step that, when stepped on, turned it back into a staircase – briefly).
In my dream, I set my purse down with several others by the ‘bar’ where people were sitting (not alcoholic, but that sort of cabinet – kitchen style) and went to the bathroom. When I finished there, I went back to my purse for something to find it mostly empty! My wallet was gone (but I had a bunch of papers in there, including a few hundred dollars’ worth of checks, which is very very unusual)… and I was looking all over for the wallet and the family whose house it was (there were at least three brothers, that I can remember. One claimed to be in his fifties but didn’t look a day over 35, and the other two were somewhere around their late twenties, early thirties as well) were teasing me about it instead of helping me look. I checked the trash bags where they’d been cleaning up, and the pile of stuff that was by the wall facing the bar, and I couldn’t find it anywhere… then the phone rang and I woke up.


Oh, and sometime in there, I’d gone into their living room and they still had a bunch of Christmas presents sitting there, wrapped and in the way LOL!

I got to meet some neat people today!

Today (my youngest son’s 4th birthday!) we went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN, with three other homeschooling families who I know from the internet. I had only met one of the families before. It was SO neat getting to meet the others and spend some time with them! I hope we can get together again 🙂

I had a weird dream this morning!

I dreamed I had some little tiles of some sort, that fit together a certain way, and in my dream I was half asleep and in my sleep (in my dream) I climbed up on the roof (of the trailer! LOL!) and tried to put the tiles on as shingles, and after a few minutes of that, fell asleep on the roof LOL!! After a while, someone came out and got me down and took me back inside. Then I woke up. Weird, weird, weird. LOL!

Finally saw Return of the King!

It was good! They did change some things from the book, and left out some stuff we’d’ve liked to have seen in there, but they did a great job on it anyway! 🙂

I’ve learned a new skill!!

Thanks to This Site and a word processing program that prints grids, I now know how to make Celtic Knots 🙂 Check this one out:

This is so much fun!