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I dreamed about a house…

a HUGE house… it had to be at least 10 stories tall, and it was one of those sort of OLD houses that has stairways and rooms laid out in such a way you could easily get LOST. I LOVE it. I dream about it often enough that I remember it when it shows up again. It’s a beautiful old house 🙂 I wish I could draw it.

There were some 50 men (construction workers or something) camped out on the 5th floor. We never saw ’em unless we went UP there; not sure how they got in and out.

I had invited a friend from a message board I’m on to dinner. I didn’t hear them knock because they were at the far door (to the right as you look at the house from the front) and the dining room/kitchen area was at the left. But I looked out the window and saw them. When I got over there, their nearly-three-year-old son was swinging on the swings in the courtyard. I led them to the other door and started showing them around. The only awkward moment in my dream was when I was trying to follow her through a hole in a stairway going up and got stuck… her dh had to help me get back down LOL!

The front door was halfway between the first & second floors, so it was only a half flight up; the dining room/kitchen area took up the whole left side of the second floor there, about 15/20 feet wide. There was a window at the front of the house (dining room) and one at the back (kitchen). There was a bar about halfway, that extended across about 60% of the room, to divide the two rooms. The door was on the right wall directly across from the bar.

There was an older gentleman at the table with my family (who, rudely, had begun eating before our company arrived – all of them, except me)… the children called him “Grandpa” but I didn’t recognize him as anyone I know in real life.

Last night…

I dreamed we had to move the refrigerator for some reason and it was six inches deep under/behind it in trash! LOL!! I don’t think it’s possible for it to be quite THAT bad, though it DOES need to be done.


I THINK we saw a meteorite today!! We went to our friends’ house today and on the way home we saw what looked at first sort of like a firework, except that it wasn’t spraying all over but was just shooting down out of the sky… trailing green fire. Sure wish we’d known where it landed! It was very neat to see!!