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Look at this HOUSE!

It’s beautiful!! It’s BIG!! It’s SO out of our price range… of course it’s out of our area as well… but it’s right across the street from one of my “kindred spirit”s…


The boots.

He got this set at Dollar Tree.

He talked me into getting him sunglasses, too.


We ate at Captain D’s for Timmy’s birthday. Nate was a little wild man 🙁 Then we went to Wal*Mart and got Tim a pair of cowboy boots and he got a racetrack with his birthday money. I’ll put up pictures when I get some.

Today is Timmy’s birthday, too.

It’s my middle son’s birthday, and it hasn’t been much of a fun day.

Going out to eat with him.

My house is hopeless.

There’s no way. There is NO way on God’s green earth that I can EVER have a clean house. There is NO way I can declutter. There is NO way anyone will ever come into my house and say, “Wow! This is beautiful!” There is NO way.



It’s one of those days when I really want human contact (besides my children who, though I love them, are just not the same)… and there is none available. I have things to do and don’t feel like doing it, even though I’ve begun and have accomplished some, it just isn’t enough. The more I do, the more hopeless it looks. I don’t have a lot of space and I have way too much stuff.

I just bought eBay item 3561087046 (Ended Oct-29-03 22:27:05 PST) – Forlorn River by Zane Grey HB 1927 for my Grandpa – I found it on his wish list. 🙂 I sure hope he likes it!!


Aren’t Mondays wonderful things? Starting over after a weekend. Usually starting out behind :-/ I DID make a point of working 15 minutes in my bedroom, cleaning… but I didn’t make much progress and what I DID got undone when I wasn’t looking 🙁

The kids did their jobs but they, too, managed to get undone. We didn’t make a lot of progress on school today. They got some done, but are behind again.

I did get some web site stuff done. I got a first page started for Dave Gardner’s site (sculpture), and updated our church‘s web site. I updated our customer list. That’s about all though.

Did I mention the other day that I have a new nephew?

This Sunday is Friend Day at our church… if you happen to live near enough, you’re welcome to come as my friend! We’re having a special speaker and special music and dinner on the grounds 🙂


  • We dropped of our ad info to put our ad in Yellow Book in Marshall County this next year. I hope we get a better return on it than we got in Huntsville!
  • We also went to Barnes & Noble where I got a teacher’s discount card (20% off qualifying purchases!) and a couple books.
  • We ate at Subway in Gurley, where they regularly have a special where you get four 6″ subs, four drinks, and four little bags of chips for $12.99. We can feed all six of us for under $15, and it’s HEALTHY!


  • I like to play Scrabble online with my friends. It’s one of my favorite pastimes 🙂 I also like Literati, which is similar.
  • I’m currently attempting to follow John McDougall‘s health plan. I’ve lost some weight on it (I have about 60 pounds to lose) but until I add exercise, it won’t come off very quickly.
  • I have a personal web site with more info.

Welcome to my new blog!

Nice to see you (as it were)! Thanks for reading… hope you aren’t expecting too much. I’ll add a guestbook eventually. Meantime, feel free to email me at if you want to.