Life-size Clue

Life-size Clue

Our church had a teen activity tonight, in which the teens played a life-size Clue-like game. The adults were the people/suspects. There were: Prof. Sunny Blueberry, Mrs. Indigo Parakeet, Col. & Mrs. Ketchup, Miss Carrie Color, Mrs. Mary Rich (the widow of the deceased), and Will Rich (the son and sole heir of the deceased). Each of us adults had a card listing three things we knew (one about each category – perpetrator, weapon, location) and each of us was in a location apart from the others. The kids had to go from room to room asking questions until they figured out the answer. It was fun!

This was my station… I was Miss Carrie Color and I was in the Garden. I didn’t get a picture of me on my camera so that will have to wait until I get one from the other person who took pictures.

This is “Mrs. Rich, the Widow” in the Library.

This is “Will Rich” (age 15 LOL!) in the Back Yard.

This is Mrs. Indigo Parakeet on the Front Porch (who turned out to be the perpetrator, but not the location).

Here are Colonel & Mrs. Ketchup. He is described as “narcoleptic” and she has to keep waking him up :giggle: They are in the Breakfast Room.

And here is Professor Sunny Blueberry. He was in the Basement (which was upstairs! LOL)

Turned out it was done by Mrs. Parakeet in the Library with the Glue Gun!

Here is our winning team – the girls! – who were awarded “something to help with their detective work” 🙂

Colonel Ketchup was chosen “Best Actor” and was also awarded The Prize.

And then we all went to the back room for ice cream sundaes!

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