Last night’s dream was almost amusing.

Last night’s dream was almost amusing.

I dreamed we went to visit my Uncle Albert (I don’t have an Uncle Albert)… and he was in the Army. While we were there, our cat scratched herself all raw and bloody all over (we have been treating her for fleas because she scratched herself open in a couple places) and we asked Uncle Albert to take her out and shoot her since she was such a mess. She looked so pitiful.


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  1. Oh my! That is gross girlfriend. LOL!!! Not sure if thats a nightmare or a regular dream…for me it’d be a nightmare having read that scary book about a cat years ago written by Stephen King.

  2. Turns out my mom had an Uncle Albert, but he wasn’t in the army… he had a head injury at a young age and ended up in an institution for the mentally retarded by age 9. A rather sad story is that of Uncle Albert.

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