Ladies’ Array

Ladies’ Array

Every year since 1999, my mother-in-law and I have attended the Ladies’ Array at Madison Baptist Church, which is about an hour from here. It is always a great time of refreshment, conviction, and resolution, as well as fellowship.

This year’s “keynote speakers” are the three Hutson sisters (daughters of the late Curtis Hutson) – none of whom still have the last name Hutson, of course. Tonight we had dinner, followed by announcements and a handbell special, some door prizes, a skit, and then the sisters sang several beautiful songs after which Kay Chandler (the youngest of the three) taught a lesson on God’s promises. She told us there are over 4000 promises in the Bible – around 10 a day, if you divide it by 365 – for us to claim.

It was very, very good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. I”m glad your time was such a blessing there…thats encouraging about claiming God’s many promises *hugs*.

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