Very weird dream this morning!

Very weird dream this morning!

So, there I am, an employee at this … circusy type place. Only it is in a set place, not travelling. And the place is a mansion with acreage. HUGE place.
The day is over. I put up my stuff, all the while being beset by a little BRAT of an owner’s grandson. I even TOLD him he was a brat. He told his dad I said that but he was such a little liar, his dad didn’t believe him.

So I got on my elephant and headed out to the gate. But I couldn’t *get* there on an elephant. So I asked the owner’s son how to get there. (This owner’s son looked a lot like Perry Massie on the Outdoor Network.) He led me around to another door. When that door opened and elephant & I went in, he slammed it shut behind us, and we were faced with water and ice… the ice we could get up on, and the water had a malevolent critter in it.

About the third piece of ice I got up on, I realized I was apparently just PRETENDING to have an elephant and was actually walking myself. I looked at all the other people there, and realized he’d been doing this to workers who were trying to leave for quite some time.

I’d been having some quality time with his brother (a much younger guy, but I can’t remember his name, now) and thought maybe he’d help, so I yelled a couple times, and those other people said not to bother ’cause nobody would hear.

I went down into a barnlike area off the edge of the pool of water/ice. Off to my right was a big huge barn door, with three locks on it. One of them had lockpicks stuck in the lock where others had been trying to get out.

I told them I should be able to break down the door with my elephant… which I realized I apparently didn’t have, after all, when I hit the door. Then the door came back at us, and we could see under the crack that there was a nasty tempered wild cat out there waiting in case anyone got through.

Then the phone rang, so I woke up. VERY weird dream.

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