Very weird dream!

Very weird dream!

Ok, first of all, a disclaimer! I don’t listen to Eminem and I have only ever seen pictures of him at!

I dreamed that Eminem was at some sort of convention something-or-other I was also attending. Wait, that was after the other part though. Ok, let me back up.

I was in a building. I was on some sort of hoverboard, being chased by a woman on another hoverboard with malevolent intent. I don’t remember what our rivalry was based on. She had a needle (rather more like a large sewing machine type needle than a hypodermic) that had something in it. I didn’t know what. After what seemed like a fairly lengthy chase, she trapped me in a dead-end corridor. I managed to get back past her, but she knocked me off my board. I grabbed the board and used it to fend her off. It was just longer than her arms, so she couldn’t get the needle into me. Then she tricked me into getting too close and shoved the needle through my shoe into my foot. I grabbed the needle and pulled it out and – as it was still dripping – poked HER with it. Turns out the stuff inside was a sort of ‘non-poison’ … it just made the victim terribly, terribly, insatiably thirsty. We both headed for the nearest drinking fountain. I got there first. But no matter how much I drank, I couldn’t stop being thirsty.

We gave up and left that building, which is when I found myself at the convention/school.

There was one pair of students (a boy and a girl, but not a couple) who had ordered a set of books/notebooks of some sort and were attempting to get other people into the program they’d signed up for. It looked very interesting and I intended to sign up. (There’s also a bit there about desperately looking for underwear, though I WAS dressed, that I think I’ll skip partially over 😉 ). — I was at someone else’s house and we were playing a game. I went into their kitchen to get a bowl of cereal, set the bowl down on the counter to check the cabinets to be sure none of my clothes were in there and then started back to the other room with my bowl… couldn’t figure out where my spoon had disappeared to… it was down in the cereal LOL!
— back to the convention/school. This is where Eminem comes in.

He was walking around shaking hands with people. My sons were there, and he shook their hands, and talked a bit with Nate. He shook my hand, too. When we got into our van to leave, he showed up there, too, and shook hands all around again, except this one elderly lady who was there who was about 80 – he hugged her. While he was sitting there on the front seat of the van, I said, “Have you ever been to” and he gave me a really funny look. I said, “They have some pictures of you on there… kinda.” He raised an eyebrow and I said, “Let me find one of my business cards and I’ll write down the URL for you; I know it’s kinda hard to remember.” (LOL) and searched the van frantically for one of my business cards (for some reason I wanted him to have my contact information). He pulled out one of HIS business cards, but I ignored that and kept searching. I finally found something that would work (an old piece of cardboard cereal-type box) and wrote the URL, plus my email address and name. He asked me about it and I said I was kind of hoping he’d leave me HIS business card. He didn’t. He showed where I’d left a little TOO much info on the cardboard (there was a credit card number on it). He DID, however, email me later.

Then I woke up.

Still VERY thirsty LOL!

I hate those dreams where I’m thirsty and I drink and drink but can’t get enough. They usually happen when my throat is dry in real life.

So, that’s my weird dream for today LOL.

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