More dreams LOL

More dreams LOL

1. I was driving down a country highway (2-lane) and I stopped my car on the side of the road. I was alone. When I looked across the street, there was a little lane that had three houses, one nice ranch-type house with a HUGE fenced yard, that belonged to Vicki, and way down the lane just before it came back out to the highway, were two more little houses that were both back in the greenery and not very visible. They seemed to be deserted.
I walked down the lane and when I was coming out the other side, I heard a car coming, and for some reason didn’t want to be seen so I moved quietly into the greenery as it passed. Then I heard someone sneaking up behind me, and turned and saw a man (whom I don’t know) who apparently did NOT have anything nice in mind. He wasn’t quite close enough to get hold of me, and I ran for my car. I got in and locked the doors, and slammed on the gas in reverse (because it was facing him), and got away.
The adrenaline woke me up.

2. I fell back asleep and was in the same place… a half mile or so back down the road was a house that Janne & family lived in. I didn’t make it to their house before I woke up again though.

There was another one, but I can’t remember it now. I waited too long to get around to typing them out.

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