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A friend pointed me to…

…this great right-wing comic strip!

Shouldn’t’ve taken that nap…

I was up several times last night and so when I was tired this afternoon, I took a nap. Now I can’t sleep.



Whew… I was sitting here reading on the computer last night, and got engrossed, and when I “came back to myself” the whole house *shifted* (that is, in the trailer I sat against the long front wall, with the kitchen to my left and the rest of the house to my right…. here, I am against the short wall on the end, with the kitchen to my left and the front window to my right and the rest of the house behind me… for a sec I was thinking I was positioned as in the trailer and when I realized where I was… it was like something *moved*… weird and a little unsettling!!)

Wow, moving is WORK!

Sorry I haven’t been updating much!

You can follow our move Here and by following the “next” links on that page and the ones following. There are currently four pages, from 9/8, 9/11, 9/16, and 9/18. I plan to take some more pictures and put up another page tomorrow.

I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around that this is *my* house, that we *live* here now.

We’re moving!

Contact me if you want my new address 🙂

You know what would be interesting…

…if an oven had TWO knobs – each marked 0 to 350 degrees. With an additive effect. Therefore, if you wanted to bake at 450, any combination that added up to 450 would work (one knob at 350 and one at 100, for example). Not only would this help teach addition, but also degrees of a circle, at the same time. You’d have to have a separate one for choosing bake or broil, though.

House news

Well, we painted most of the outside today. I have pictures of the updated landscaping and the house but they’re still on my mom-in-law’s computer. I tried to copy them to my webspace but they didn’t go. I’ll try again tomorrow, hopefully. Also, the current owner had a load of dirt delivered to help fill in holes in the yard. We got a lot of that done today, also.

The owner said that we will most likely be signing the contract on Wednesday. My mom asked me when we planned to move in… I said, “Wednesday.” 🙂

I did a dumb thing – when we got there, Robby tried to drive into the yard through a shallow ditch, and the trailer made it so it wouldn’t go. So he unhooked the trailer but left the chain connecting it. I was trying to keep the trailer from … well, I’m not sure WHAT, exactly, I was thinking… but anyway, it hit the downgrade and went forward too quick and smashed my hand between the tongue and the trailer hitch. Thankfully, it’s just a little scraped and bruised, and nothing is broken, as far as I can tell. Still, it was a stupid thing to do.

Looks like we’re getting a house!

Pictures and information

Last night I dreamed

that I was at some sort of school or something (I waited too long to write this) — anyway, and former President Clinton was there and I shook hands with him and I was excited – not because it was Clinton, but because it was a former President.

Pretty weird LOL!

Back from Camping!

We’re back from five days of camping – in tents, with no electricity and no plumbing – by a creek in Tennessee. It was BEAUTIFUL weather! We had a great, relaxing weekend. It’s a shame we can’t ‘get away from it all’ more often!

Saturday night dream

We were moving. The house we were moving into had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a room with a pool. The back door had three ‘panels’ – the middle was the actual door and the two side ones had windows. The window panel on the right of the door was also a door that did not have a lock.

We were apparently moving away from my father-in-law and mother-in-law and moving near to my husband’s oldest sister and her family.

In the street out front of the house was set up a Scholastic booth (there was a cargo truck of theirs parked near it). They were advertising new math and English books.

The first day we only moved a few things over and went to sleep elsewhere. The second day we moved about half of our stuff over, but not beds yet. I was tring to fix a shelf in one room (girls’ room, I think) but couldn’t find screws or tools.

We were in the process of trying to get our mail swapped over. They brought a big box to the door of the new house. It was labeled “Scholastic.” Robby said “That isn’t ours.” and gave them the right address. The next day, they brought the same box to us again. We gave up and just took it, and carried it out to the people set up in the street.

Robby decided to go get some tools and a lock for the back panel and whatever else, but before he was leaving, he started a batch of french fries in the built-in fryer that was in a cabinet over the stove. He was praying with the kids [this was bleed-through from actual events] but I couldn’t actually hear what he was saying from the kitchen, when the fryer started boiling over and making a big mess. When I opened the cabinet, there were fries and grease everywhere! I started fussing at him about it (while he was still praying {blush}).

Later I was out front, sorting through stuff, when about seven or eight neighborhood children came by on their bikes, wanting to know where our kids were. I said they were inside but we weren’t all moved in yet so they’d have to come back another day.

We found some “tattoo paint” (non-permanent) in a closet and I wrote something on my sis-in-law’s arm. We rubbed at it to “set” it, and it changed color from red to black. It appeared evil to us. We tried it on someone else and it changed color but also smeared instead of staying on.

Going Camping!

So don’t worry if I don’t post for a few days 🙂