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Got more done on my kitchen

See pictures here

My fake tattoo revisited

The other side that isn’t as good

My kitchen is prepped.

Well, the east wall is.

Nothing is ever easy.

Finally watched The Passion

and honestly, I was not particularly impressed. I saw a LOT of things that were not Biblically accurate, and several things that were exaggerated for movie value.

I definitely think the Book is better.

In some ways, the movie expands on one’s knowledge of the customs of the day, but in others, it doesn’t go far enough.

Some examples of discrepancies that I noticed:

  1. In the garden, they have Jesus asking God to defend him, and the disciples saying that Jesus looked afraid. In the Bible, Matthew says, he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy – nothing about FEAR, only SORROW. and He prayed only that if possible let the cup pass, yet “not My will, but Thine be done.” Nothing about defense.
  2. When the soldiers came to get him, John states as soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground. The movie left that part out.
  3. I never heard a rooster crow in the movie.
  4. The whole demon thing with the little ‘demons’ following Judas is a total fabrication. The Bible never once mentions demons chasing Judas.
  5. The Bible does not say that the two Marys cleaned up the scourging area, as the movie had them do.

I’m noticing, as I go through the story to compare, that some of the things I heard preached as a child are also not in the gospel accounts of the crucifixion. I was taught that His beard was pulled out, but I cannot find a reference in the gospel accounts that says that. I was taught that He was not recognizable as a man, but I am unable to find that, as well. These are prophetic, but not mentioned in the accounts.

Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily say watching it was a waste of time, but at the same time, I cannot say that I am impressed with the accuracy of the movie, either. I think the imagery I carry in my mind from descriptions I heard as I was growing up are much more vivid than the movie could ever be.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being “horrible” and 10 being “beyond excellent”, I would give it about a 6.

I don’t have a tattoo.

But if I did, it would look something like this one I drew on:

I’m such a dweeb.


1. I was with someone – I can’t remember who – at a big privately-owned library. I found some change while I was waiting to talk to the owners. I found some neat books. We left and went for a walk. Suddenly, a mile or so away (where, apparently, my car was parked), I realized I’d left my purse in the library! We hurried back, but by the time we got back it was dark out and the library was closed. We knocked on the door and explained to the owner what had happened and he let us in. There on the table was my empty purse, with the bottom sliced open. I was devastated! Until suddenly we noticed, over a bit, my wallet – intact, with a few of the other papers etc from the purse stuffed into it. My keys were there as well. So we thanked the library owner and took the wallet & keys and left. Then we were at a big big university that had everything arranged around a rectangle – at one end was the school building and the dorms were two per side and one on the opposite end. If the school building was to the left, then if you go from the top over to the second dorm building, on the left side of that building, second floor was the dorm room of a teacher named Mr Fisher. (No, I never had a teacher named Mr Fisher, but nevertheless, this one was.) He was relatively young (not much older than me). He was tutoring me on whatever subject he taught but I don’t remember what it was. When I went back to the school building, I found I had left my keys in my car, wherever in the parking lot (which was inside the rectangle) that was. I figured I’d go back after them later, and went looking for someone (can’t recall who). When I got to the main desk, I saw Nate behind it, as they were telling me the rapture had happened and we were left. I was shocked, and said, “I don’t understand! If that happened, why am I still here? That doesn’t make sense!” and I heard a familiar voice, crying, say, “I know!” and my mother-in-law stepped around the corner and we hugged.

That was really, really strange – the dream having Nate & me & Mom left behind.

I was heading back to the car to find out if my keys were in it when I woke up.

And now I can’t remember the other one, but if I remember, I’ll come back and add it.


We have had lots of computers in the house for a while. I just told a friend yesterday that we have “nearly one computer per person”… well, last night one of our customers gave us an extra computer that he had lying around! So now we have one per person! LOL!

It makes playing multiplayer games fun 😀

We got a van!

It wasn’t expensive, considering. It’s a 1984 Ford. We just have to get it on the road now (registered, tagged, insured officially, etc)

The main credit for us getting this van goes to the Lord, but right after Him it goes to my friend Filip who found out about it and helped work out the deal. 🙂


I dreamed last night that I had a dream and woke up and wanted to post it on here right away before I forgot it, and felt like I’d been asleep all night but when I looked at the clock it was only 12:30. The computer was a lot different, too; it was more like a workstation than a PC.

I had another dream after that but I guess I waited too long to get in here to post it, because I can’t remember it anymore 🙁

Party – bust

I co-hosted a Discovery Toys party tonight… we only had one person show up (with her son) :-/ It was my friend’s “Grand Opening” but I’m afraid it wasn’t very grand. We did have a good time, in spite of that. I ordered a game.

If you follow the above link to Discovery Toys, and order, please use EC#BUT730. Thanks!

The dads and the kids stayed here at my house, and played a multiplayer computer game while we were gone. They seemed to enjoy themselves 🙂

I’ve written some more poetry recently, mostly from challenges on a message board I frequent. (A couple of the ones you’ll see in that link are also on here somewhere.)

I’ve made great strides in my kitchen!! I will try to get some new pictures tomorrow to post 🙂 I want to have it all done before my mom visits the beginning of May.

Surreal Dream

At one point, I was in the hospital. Something had happened to my legs – not sure what. A very dear friend was there, holding my hand an encouraging me. I went home, in a wheelchair (to a quite large apartment), determined to do more letter writing . When I got home, my mom was there and she had just had a baby. The baby was hungry, so I went ahead and tried feeding him. It appeared I had milk, after all. My mom decided to go out for something (I don’t remember what) and as she opened the door, there was an apartment across the field (small field) where there was a male living, who was in his living room unclothed (!!!)

I was somewhere far away from home. I was in this group where people were learning to draw by pairing off – one teacher / one student – and being tutored… but sort of a distance learning thing. I was doing a drawing of a horseshoe and two cows, one of which was running into and being choked by the arm of the horseshoe (yeah, I know, I know. Weird!). My father and someone else who appeared to be either a close friend of his or his roommate were also there. But my father “wasn’t really there” as he died in 2002 – even in the dream. We (father, friend, and I) were at the house (in the yard) of this guy who taught… something… I don’t remember what. My father was wanting to learn but they guy wanted $1000. My father looked at me and I shrugged and said, “=I= don’t have it!” So he started trying to negotiate – not very nicely. I walked into the nearby kitchen (yes, we WERE outside, but there was a kitchen there, nevertheless!) and the friend followed me and we started discussing my father’s behaviour and then I woke up.


Feeling harried, running late,
Little things that irritate,
Sitting idly, making plans,
Color-coding them with crayons.

Lots of good intentions here,
But I notice with a tear,
As computer screen grows hazy,
All I seem to be is lazy.

Children calling and intreating,
I forget their childhood’s fleeting
As I sit here hour by hour
In my little cluttered bower.


I dreamed we were living in a small place in a “poor” community, then had the opportunity to move to a larger place, in a “nicer” area. The house was a huge one, near the end of a cul-de-sac, with a huge fenced back yard. It was two story, with two big master bedrooms upstairs, one in back next to the huge bathroom (which had tub and shower separate – but the shower was in the middle of the room with no real privacy unless the bathroom door was closed) and one in front on the opposite side of the house. On the other side of the bathroom was another room that – when we got there – had a ping pong table in it. This room is where Robby originally put the computer.

Downstairs were the kitchen and living rooms, and the kids’ bedrooms, though I don’t remember really walking around downstairs much; and the kids ended up sleeping upstairs (in the tub LOL)

I remember thinking that the major downside to moving there was that in the poor area, most of the moms were home all day, while in this “nice” area, the moms all worked 🙁

The next morning I went in to see about using the computer and the ping pong table and the computer were gone. Robby stood in the doorway with a mischievous grin and said, “Guess where they are?” and I said, “There’s a BASEMENT!??” and there was. The basement was two main parts – a huge library (which also had a record player and a wall shelf loaded with records, and an electric piano keyboard) and a kitchen/bakery. We found some neat stuff in the kitchen/bakery! And I remember being very excited about all those books.

The other somewhat odd thing was that the other master bedroom was being occupied – by a couple I know online (but have never met in person). When we discovered the basement, I said to Robby, “Now, they’re just living here, we’re actually BUYING this, right? So that if they move out we won’t have to fight over whose is what?”

Wish I could draw that house.

Nate loved the big back yard.


Credit cards!

Well, we owe too much on credit cards, but I was blessed to get our interest rates lowered this week! Two of them, lowered by 4% each, and one transferred to a 3.9% until Oct, then 5% lower than it was after that! What a blessing!!